Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Week Of Total Insanity

What to make of the bizarre events of the past week?  Mark Morford with SF Gate gives it a try and does fairly well.


  1. "At last we arrive at the ultimate question: Do you feel any better? Are you (tentatively, awkwardly) celebrating any of this news? Or do you sort of feel like you’ve been mauled by a pack of friendly dogs in heat, like your wallet was just stolen while you were having sex in a dark room, like someone roofied your artisan whisky cocktail, but you don’t really mind?"

    How do I feel?

    I saw a private presentation on Guantanamo given to Peace Action in New York by the Human Rights Watch expert on counterterrorism.

    I noted this footnote to Obama's glorious global warming speech. His point on the KXL being that he would not approve it, "[if he] found it threatened to even slightly increase greenhouse gas emissions." The State Department previously approved the pipeline on the grounds that the Canadians would get the Tar Sands Oil to China one way or another, regardless of whether we build the KXL, so we can't say the pipeline ITSELF is responsible for increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Lynn Stewart will have to die in jail, too.

    Voting discrimination is legal on a state by state basis.

    Conclusion: It's time to replace our government with a DEMOCRACY in which media, military, and legislative, judicial and executive branches are not controlled by wealthy and powerful feudal oligarchs.

  2. When did we start having to have our comments approved?