Monday, April 22, 2013

A Letter To The Inquirer

Overvaluing the One Percent
The cuts to Social Security and Medicare that President Obama promoted in his budget are not only wildly unpopular, but likely to accomplish nothing that could not be done more fairly (“Obama tackles entitlements,” April 11).

The budget eliminates the recent automatic cuts to the Pentagon budget, when these modest cuts would more than pay for whatever will be saved by hurting seniors, children, and the disabled. Why would the president give the bloated Pentagon budget a pass and target the most successful legacy of the New Deal? The answer lies in what he consults: Wall Street, which stands to gain from diverting funds from Social Security and continuing to throw money at the weapons industry.
A budget is a values statement, and this budget shows where the president’s true values lie: with the 1 percent, not with the rest of us.
A letter from Jane Swift Dugdale in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/22/13.

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