Sunday, September 30, 2012

Join Us Sunday, October 7

Philadelphia, PA, Oct 7, 1 PM

Sunday, October 7, Anniversary of 11 Years of U.S. war in Afghanistan…
- 1p.m. Vigil/Demonstration/Kite Flying @University of Pennsylvania –
34th & Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Speakers, Music, and more; followed by kite flying in Woodland Walk field between UPENN and Drexel University
Vigil at University of Pennsylvania and Kite Flight for Peace on the anniversary of the U.S.’s longest war. University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) and Drexel University are receiving millions of dollars in Federal research grants for killer and surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles, ‘drones’.
followed by Kites with anti-drone/anti-war peace messages flying between UPENN and Drexel, in the field behind 34th & Walnut Sts. Kite flying is a widespread form of play throughout Afghanistan, expressing the children’s hope for an end to war.
Stop killer drone research at UPenn and Drexel!
Demonstrate for peace, vigil against drone research at UPENN). Bring your children and your child’s heart to the Kite Flight for Peace
Kites will be available, bring your own if you can, and don’t forget your umbrella in the event of rain. End the War Stop Killer Drone Strikes Space for Peace, not drone strikes directed from the U.S. through space.
Fund Human Needs, Not Empire and War.

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