Monday, May 13, 2013

A Letter To The President

President Obama has received a letter signed by 150 prominent Democratic supporters and contributors asking him to block construction of the Keystone KL pipeline [a decision is expected this summer or fall].  If we are ever to get off our addiction to fossil fuels, we must start by ending their extraction - "If it's in the ground, leave it in the ground."  The world already has extracted and put aside five times the fossil fuels necessary to put climate change beyond repair.  The only sane course is to turn all our efforts to building a new power grid and developing sustainable energy sources that can power our civilization without fouling the air and warming the atmosphere and the oceans.  It is said that permitting the pipeline will signify "Game Over" for our climate (now already past 400 ppm for carbon dioxide).  We must tell our congresspersons (202-224-3121) and the President (202-456-1111) to block the pipeline and change our energy priorities. This would seem to be the single most important issue facing us today.  Please read the letter.

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