Monday, November 12, 2012

How Are The 1% Doing?

Nan HayworthThe top cheerleader for the 1 percent in Congress? Over the last two years, that may have been Nan Hayworth, the wealthy doctor who represents New York’s Hudson Valley. Hayworth in 2011 introduced legislation to repeal the Dodd-Frank act provision that requires corporations to disclose the ratio between what they pay their CEOs and what they pay their typical workers. Hayworth also bitterly opposes raising the minimum wage. One slight problem with her stance: The good doctor doesn’t even know how much minimum wage workers are currently making. In a speech shortly before Election Day, Hayworth put the minimum at ”$10 to $11 an hour,” about 40 percent higher than the actual $7.25 federal minimum. The good news? In a major upset, Hudson Valley voters last week refused to return Hayworth to Capitol Hill.

This is from, a publication of the Institute for Policy Studies.  You might want to see the whole issue and maybe start your own subscription.

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