Thursday, April 7, 2011

Save The Delaware!

April 15, LAST DAY TO COMMENT TO DRBC about lifting a moratorium on fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

The DRBC released draft regulations with the intent to lift the gas drilling moratorium without waiting for the EPA study of the risks of  fracking to drinking water and air.  They have given the public 90 days to comment on this, but that study will take two years.  The regulations are being released without any study whatsoever of cumulative impacts to groundwater, surface water, soil, air, climate, public health, fish and wildlife, aquatic life, or long-term risks related to underground injection.  As of Feb 4th, only 167 people out of 15 MILLION people who depend on the Delaware River system for clean water have commented.  It's easy to do, check here for information:
You can go to: if you would like to write your own letter, or and send it as is or make any changes you like.  It's important each of you take the time to do this.  If we don't ask, it won't happen.  
You may comment as many times as you'd like. 

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